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About Our Program


 VAN COLLAR summer program is designed to be international practical learning for University students, who wish to experience  the power of nature, creation, and life.

The aim of the program is to provide students the practical learning opportunities to enrich their senses through touching materials and using body.  Beside them, enriching the spirit of team work is another important core of the program. 

 The program will be held at the place located in historical village in Japan which is surrounded by beautiful forests, nature, and history. The site is a former mayer’s mansion born in over 100 years ago, which has been renovated for the program. The size of the site is about 15,000 squire meters including the forest.

 You will be living in the special share house, the historical warehouse, with about 10  team mates and will be spending time together.



exciting activities!!

 Under the instruction of professionals, students will learn about Architecture, Culture, Forest, Farming, Cooking, Art, Lecture, and more! The program is open to any University students in any field who is eager for challenging him/herself. 


 Hut building, art &cultural exchange, iron curving, coffee workshop, and etc. Various creative activities take place, and every participant shall experience the eye opening moment during the workshop. Let’s learn together and spend time together to have beautiful and youthful summer!  

youth Life

“Eat well, work well, sleep well” is the motto of life here. During the workshop, students will take care of their daily lives. Cooking, cleaning, working, and sleeping together, the spirit of “one for all, all for one” arises.

 Daily farming will take place, which is part of learning about nature. Sharing precious youth time together, students shall meet lifelong friends!

Application for summer program 2019 is now available!

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