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Van Collar Future Plan


 VAN COLLARのもつ基地は、築百年の庄屋屋敷を中心として、900平米の農地、1200平米の空地、そして13,000平米の森からなっています。使われていなかった蔵は参加者のためのドミトリーと教室に改装され、屋外には自力建設をしたキッチンと創作設備が配置されています。農地には菜園と作業場があり、山林は燃料の調達先として、空き地は新プロジェクト立ち上げのための場として整備が進んでいます。次世代のための新しい文化と暮らしがここから生まれるのです。

 Our land is located in historical village in Japan which is surrounded by beautiful forests, nature, and history. The site is a former mayer’s mansion born in over 100 years ago, and we have renovated them into dormitories and class rooms. The size of the land is about 15,000m2 and it contains buildings, farmland, forests, and fields. Here arises the new culture for next generation!

What you can experience!

Forest, Architecture, and Life

From building a hut to cooking with fire, various creative activities take place at VAN COLLAR's land. Every participant shall experience the eye opening moment through the activities we provide. Let us learn together and spend time in the beautiful forest to learn about nature and life.


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to enrich your life

  Every year, we hold summer school for oversea University students. There will be students from various Universities and from varieties of fields joining the program to learn about forest and art. Other than summer school, we provide programs for people living in City side to experience New forest-life.