Enjoy nature!

 Together with 100 years old residence, we own a mountain and gardens where you can fully enjoy Japansese nature.

 Any materials in our Mountain is available for you to use for creations. 



Historical warehouses!

  There will be an ancient warehouse, renovated as a gallery space, available for you to have an exhibition. Since this is not a city-side, Online-exhibition is one of the possibilities to show your works to everyone!

 Dinning room is also a renovated-warehouse, where you can gather with other participants. 



Room to sleep & to create!

  Renovated room, with 2 single beds and a desk, will be your space to stay. You can enjoy creations and have a good night rest here.


Just like a share house, this is a room for Two persons, so you may have a roommate if another guest is staying. 

 While our summer school is Off-season, you will have a chance to stay in warehouse as well! 


IMG_0082 のコピー.jpg

Gardens & Potage

  We take care gardens & potage, where we grow flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Soils are handmade and little bees are our garden partners. If you are interested in growing plants, let's grow them together!


Natural Cooking!

  Together with Potage-garden where you can pick vegetables & herbs, we have out-side kitchen and patio to enjoy a daily life. If you gather some fire-woods from the mountain, you can have fun with wild cooking!


Optional activities!

 During summer time, summer school for University students will be held at this land, which provides you a chance to have cultural exchange!


Also, exciting material workshops will take place for our Forest-side club, which you can join with material fee only during your stay!

Tropical Leaves

Details of the stay

Language :

English, Japanese

Duration :

1 month - 

Staying Fee:

From 110,000JPY (about 1000 USD ) - 

*Fee is the rental fee for living & space ONLY.

*Transportation fee and Food expenses are NOT included.

*There may be Other artist or guest staying as a roommate.


945 Okubo, Sakaigawa, Fuefuki-city, Yamanashi, Japan


Narita Airport→ (90min) Tokyo Station→(20min) Shinjuku Station→(90min) Kofu Station→(30min) Taxi or Bus

Local bus runs 5 times from Monday to Sat. Morning. You can purchase foods and materials at the local supermarket by taking bus. We have outside kitchen where you can cook yourself. You can also use the bus to go to down-town. 

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