Things to do during February and March

1. Things to do by 2月5日:

1-1. You -> VAN COLLAR

Please send your basic info to us:

Your Basic Info
Your Gender

1-2. VANCOLLARー>計画主持人

I will ask 計畫主持人老師 to provide his/her contact address and let you know.

2. Things to do by Late February:

2-1. You -> 計畫主持人老師

Please contact 計畫主持人老師 for the sets of documents you need to turn in. Same as the deadline. These are different in each school.

Fill them in, and turn in by the deadline.

2-2. You -> VAN COLLAR

a.Please send the scanned image of your application documents to VAN COLLAR.

b. We will make a LINE group for further contact. Please contact LINE ID: sekiguchinobuyuki and let me know your LINE ID. If you do not use LINE, please send e-mail to

c. Please tell us what you are interested at and/or what you want to learn in the program.

You can use this form, or send to

3. Things to do in March

3-1. VAN COLLAR+計畫主持人老師->Your school

We will write application document for funding and turn into your school. School and the ministry of education will review the application. Decision of funding and the amount will be announced at the end of May.