Architectural workshop
10 days construction 2018!
internship from 9.4 - 9.14

  VAN COLLAR's 10 days program, having 5 students from various Universities. This workshop has focused on the field of "architecture," building 3 different types of small huts.

 Living together, working together, having meals together, all of the members have wonderfully accomplished the creations. Beautiful summer of 2018! 


Digging wholes to stand the structure and painting the woods that will be used for the building!


Structure making day! Learned how to set the base, how to handle concrete, and hidden but most importantly, ”how to work as a team!” Hoping the message turns alive to them someday.


Wood works day! Drilling and painting the woods for the structure. Nice to see students used to the life in Satoyama. Lot of creations, lot of learnings!


Only 4 days have past and the structure is done!! Looking beautiful!! We held a discussion party after dinner. Let us keep it going!